May 9, 2018

#26: The Blueprint to Not Failing With Content Marketing With Jimmy Daly

Content Love #26: The Blueprint to Not Failing With Content Marketing With Jimmy Daly

Hey all,

In this episode, I’ve decided to help you make your content marketing *not fail*. Running content marketing poorly is expensive and time-consuming, and if you’re not getting anything from it, you might not do it at all!

This is why I brought Jimmy Daly, the marketing director of Animalz, an agency that provides high-end content marketing solutions to B2B SaaS businesses. If you’ve been into content marketing in recent months, you probably came across Jimmy’s work on Animalz’ blog, and I’m super excited to be able to interview him all about that.

Animalz’ blog has only launched a few months ago, and they’ve been killing it. I asked Jimmy all about it, so make sure to eavesdrop and get ready to take action!

Listen in on my chat with Jimmy to learn all about:

  • How Animalz managed to stand out with their content marketing blog, even though they’ve only started it this January (2018)
  • Standing out by either doing content better than your competitors, or doing it completely differently altogether
  • The publication vs library approach to content marketing programs: the downsides of the publication approach, and the benefits of the library one as it’s the more targeted and more organized one
  • The concept of audiences and why it’s not always what you need
  • The art of finding keywords that actually make a difference for your business (top-down and bottom-up), and how to look at them through the hub and spoke model
  • How creating content for different stages of the funnel can impact your search rankings
  • How to make sure you’re writing for the right people and answering the correct questions your readers have by writing for a pay scale, not for a persona
  • The range of content from strategic to tactical and what it means for you
  • The importance of technical SEO to make sure your content is found
  • The slow, long-term play with content promotion

Check out Jimmy’s resources & connect with him:

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Thanks for listening!

I can’t wait to hear how Jimmy’s thoughts impacted your own work with content marketing! Don’t forget to tweet me or send me a message with your feedback.

Transcript coming soon 🙂

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Content Love #26: The Blueprint to Not Failing With Content Marketing With Jimmy Daly

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