Looking for a conversion-focused B2B content writer? Your search is now over.

Hi! I’m Marijana, a B2B freelance writer for hire, and I’m super excited to have you here!

There’s a good chance you landed here because you’re craving content that actually does its job: it converts your readers into leads and customers.

Good news – you’re in the right place!

I’m obsessed with writing content that reaches that perfect target audience, grows subscribers and boosts new business leads.

What makes me qualified to say that?

(or, what difference does it make for YOU)

  • I’ve been writing online for 5+ years
  • I had been writing online course material for topics in digital, social, search and mobile marketing for over a year
  • I work closely with industry leaders from all areas of digital marketing, which allows me to write high-quality content
  • I come from a journalism background and hold awesome research skills
  • I’m certified in inbound marketing and digital marketing


What makes me unique?

(or, why would you choose to work with ME)

  • My copy is optimized for humans AND search engines
  • I’m crazy about writing with clear intention and building that content into your overall marketing strategy
  • My tried-and-tested writing and editing process makes me super efficient and puts you in the center, allowing me to fully focus on your goals


Random facts about me

(or, things you don’t really need to know but I’ll write them anyway!)

  • I live in Dublin (Ireland), which is my fifth city and third country to live in
  • I have run 100 kilometers in one day
  • I have a thing for languages and, other than speaking fluent English and Croatian, have at some stage of my life learned Italian, French, Polish and German
  • I’m a travel addict and have visited 20+ countries so far
  • I am a bookworm and I’m trying to reach my 2017 reading challenge I set at 26 books this year (see how well I’m doing right here!)