April 4, 2018

#21: What You Need to Know About Profitable Email Onboarding With Val Geisler

Content Love #21: What You Need to Know About Profitable Email Onboarding With Val Geisler

Hey all,

Welcome to session 21! In this one, I brought Val Geisler on as my guest for this episode. She is a super-smart email marketing optimizer, combining email marketing experience and skills with strategy.

Today, we’re talking all about email onboarding and its place in the overall customer experience and the big picture of a business. Thanks to Val’s background that centers exactly in customer experience, from events and retail to small businesses and tech startups, we went deep into the value and importance of having a well thought-out, strategic email onboarding sequence in place.

Listen in on my chat with Val to learn all about:

  • The power of quality email onboarding to reduce the need for outbound sales due to reduced churn and stronger relationships
  • Different onboarding sequences depending on your business and the aim behind it (email subscribers, free trials, paid customers) and the approach that everyone is your potential customer
  • The value of going beyond the “thanks for your money” once someone becomes your customer
  • The importance of email onboarding for service-based businesses
  • Finding the deeper root cause that someone signed up for your trial or product and discovering jobs to be done—hone in on three core tasks! (hint: talk to current customers, trial customers and churned ones)
  • The importance of showing up in your customers’ inboxes and not leaving things to chance
  • The art of setting recipients’ expectations for your email onboarding sequence
  • How to align content and content upgrades with your onboarding sequences
  • How to write email subject lines that get your emails opened
  • The metrics to track the success of your onboarding sequence
  • Val’s favorite onboarding sequences
  • Common mistakes and challenges in email onboarding

Check out Val’s resources & connect with her:

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Thanks for listening!

That’s it! Can’t wait to hear about your own experiences with email onboarding and how what you’ve learned in this episode might impact it going forward. Let me know 🙂

Transcript coming soon!

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Content Love #21: What You Need to Know About Profitable Email Onboarding With Val Geisler

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