February 7, 2018

#13: Aligning Content and Product to Empower Your Teams and Customers With Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Hey awesome people,

Time for episode 13! In this one, I had a brilliant chat with Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré all about aligning content marketing and product development and using this to empower the way you do business, educate your customers, retain them longer, turn them into brand advocates, and much more.

Nichole is a SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist. She works on Community Growth at and she’s a moderator at Product Hunt & Growth Hackers. As a SaaS Consultant, she takes startups from problem/solution fit to product/market fit, all the way through growth marketing and scalable customer development.

Her specialty is in quickly diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in SaaS companies and strategizing ways to improve retention and strengthen brands. She is working on publishing a book! Find the link below and hear more about it in the episode.

Listen in on my chat with Nichole to learn all about:

  • Why aligning content marketing and product management matters for the health and longevity of a SaaS business
  • The “product death cycle
  • What defines your ideal customer and where this definition stands compared to a marketing persona
  • The best ways to get feedback from your ideal customers and the technique of forming questions for them
  • The concept of the success gap by Lincoln Murphy and desired outcome, with examples from retail and SaaS
  • How content marketing plays a role in filling the success gap
  • The value of retaining versus acquiring new customers and why it’s okay to not know immediately who your ideal customer is
  • What it is you need to teach your customers that isn’t how to use your product
  • Why retained customers are valuable and how they lower the cost of acquiring new customers
  • How to find the language-market fit both if you’re just starting out and if you’ve been active for a while

Check out Nichole’s resources & connect with her:

Links, tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

Thanks for listening!

Make sure to tweet me and Nichole with any thoughts you have on this topic. I hope you’ll take action on her tips and be able to align your content and product and grow your business further!

Transcript coming soon 🙂

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Aligning Content and Product to Empower Your Teams and Customers with Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

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