My favorite books

I’m on a mission to always improve as a writer and marketer, be a more productive business owner, and a more mindful and balanced human. To do that, I read books smart people recommend to me, and I put my learnings into action. Here are some of my favorite recent reads, as well as those I liked from the last couple of years!

PS While I love highlighting physical books and use their page margins to take notes, I’m running out of space on my bookshelf. That’s why the majority of books I now buy are Kindle ebooks or audiobooks on Audible.

(If you want to give Audible a shot, you can use this link to get 2 free audiobooks in addition to you 30-day free trial!)

What I'm reading now:

What I've read in 2019:

What I've read in 2018:

What I've read in 2017:

What I've read in 2016 and earlier: