My onboarding and writing process

Getting to know you

When we start talking about potentially working together, I’ll get curious about your business. I do this because I want to make sure that I’m the perfect fit for you as I don’t want to waste your time.

This means that the form you submit to get in touch with me won’t just ask you about the industry you serve and your budget for content marketing, but also about your biggest struggles when it comes to content, your target audience, what success with content looks like for you, and the type of writing you admire.

This will help me get to know you before we even hop on a call as this will make the call itself highly efficient and help me offer and deliver a solution that’s right for you.

Getting to the good stuff

I’ll review your answers within 2 business days and if it looks like we’re a fit, I’ll send you an email with a link that will let you pick a time that suits you and schedule a call with me.

I’ll use the time on this call to ask you more questions about your audience, your current state of content, your goals with content, your competitors, topics that have worked well in the past for you, and topics you’re hoping to cover in the future.

As I get to learn even more about you and you learn more about my process of research and writing, we’ll carve out a scope for what you’re looking for, like the number of blog posts, word count, specific topics, call to action, dates for the project, and details like CMS input and work on images you might need from me.


After the call, you’ll receive a proposal from me based on what we discussed. Once you confirm the options you want, you’ll receive a contract and a 50% deposit invoice. Once that’s signed and paid, I’ll build out my systems for your project, like Google Drive folder setup, a project in Asana, and dates in my calendar.

Finally, I’ll ask you for any additional resources I might need from you, like style guidelines, login info for your CMS (if agreed), introduction to any specific experts (like your internal specialists) whose insights you may want to incorporate, and so on.

Then, I write!


I write all of my projects in Airstory, which allows me to write undistracted and focus on research and the big picture. When the first draft is ready, I will share it with you in Google Docs. Your part of the job is to then go through the draft and provide consolidated feedback with comments that contain your thoughts and questions.

Once you’re finished with your review, I’ll complete my edits based on your feedback within a day or two. After this, you’ll review the edits and we can repeat this process if necessary, as you have up to two rounds of revisions.

Once you sign off the final draft, I will do any CMS work we agreed upfront and you’ll receive an invoice for the remaining amount.

Final steps

At this point, I’ll send you a short exit survey so that you can share your feedback on anything in my process and your experience while working with me.

It’s no secret I’m a raving fan of long-term, ongoing projects, so if we worked on a one-off project and you were happy with how it went, we can now see if an ongoing engagement is what you need and will benefit from—and we can figure out the best way to go about it.

Thank you for learning about my process! Want to chat? Head over here to get started.