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I love to talk about content marketing and strategy in general, but more than anything, I love to dive deep into specifics and chat about content marketing processes, planning, productivity in writing and editing, audience building, and building content that stands out, fosters loyalty, and helps businesses achieve their goals. If I can share my learnings with you for something you’re working on, I’d love to!

I also love making new friends who share the same passions and who hope to influence the world of business with their work and talents in some way. If you want to simply connect with me—please do 🙂

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Marijana Kay is a freelance writer and content strategist for SaaS and marketing brands. She’s worked with fast-growing SaaS companies like Recart, Pipedrive, and BuildFire, as well as top companies on the Fortune 100. Her specialty lies in writing long-form, actionable blog posts that set her clients apart and bring them results for months and years to come.

She also hosts The Content Love podcast where she interviews leaders in the marketing industry to share their insights on making content marketing work harder for businesses. You can say hi to her on Twitter @MarijanaKay.

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