Blog posts for B2B & marketing companies obsessed with growing their business.

You want stellar blog posts, but they are far too low on your to-do list?

Okay, you don’t need me to tell you why content marketing is awesome. You already know you need it. But you’re already working on projects you’re in love with (and that make your business a real thing!), and you’re struggling to prioritize blog post writing.

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar...

  • You can’t set aside any time to write your content and build your content strategy
  • Your current content doesn’t bring you quality traffic and people that resonate with you

  • Or maybe you are happy with your current content and it is performing well, but you don’t have enough hours in the day to create more of it and scale your content marketing up

But what if you could...


Generate quality inbound traffic to your website


Only publish content that your perfect audience craves


Generate more leads and sales


Be a trusted thought leader in your industry


Inspire referrals, links and social shares


Create and activate advocates of your brand

…and all of it with more time on your hands to focus on projects you love?

Marijana Kay | B2B Freelance Writer, Copywriter and Blogger

I'm Marijana, a content writer and strategist for B2B and marketing companies.

I specialize in writing digital marketing blog posts that attract, engage and convert that ideal reader.

After writing countless blog posts and lectures on digital, social, search and mobile marketing, I know what it takes to get search engines AND humans to love your blog posts.

I can’t wait to do that for you!


What you can expect:

  1. We kick off our partnership with an initial call. This is when we sketch out the initial scope of the project, including:
    • Your current marketing activity, your target persona and your overall marketing goal – this allows me to tailor my blog post to your needs perfectly!
    • The potential topics, based on your preferences and my suggestions. We’ll then flesh them out and work on the best one!
    • The volume of work to define the number of blog posts and the timeline with all the dates.
    • Any additional tasks depending on your needs, such as CMS upload, blog post images and social graphics, copywriting for social and more.

  2. I get to work! My writing and editing process follows an established routine that allows me to streamline my content creation, stay efficient, deliver ahead of schedule and keep you in the loop in any stage you want:
    • Keyword research
    • Outline with subheadings
    • Write 20 headlines
    • Write the first draft
    • Fact check
    • Check for storytelling
    • Run through Grammarly and Copyscape
    • Proof read and final edits
    • First revision + edits
    • Second revision + edits

  3. You receive my first draft of the blog post at least a week before its due date. This allows you to review it sufficiently and gives me plenty of time to apply your feedback! I will do up to two revisions in order to make sure you get exactly what you need.

  4. Once you sign off on the blog post, I complete all the tasks we initially agreed upon based on the first step outlined above. And then we celebrate!